It’s Love Month Again!


February 5, 2013 by jocillecoronica

Last week I received an early Valentine gift from the teachers whom I assisted a training with. I guess it was not intended to be a valentine gift, but I just thought of it that way since the season of love is fast approaching and the design is really well fitted to the occasion. Yes, I received a mug printed with hearts around it. Yehey! Since I am a caffeine addict, I can really use it when I want to have a cup of coffee every morning. But then, I decided not to and keep it instead as a remembrance (I so love my old mug, it’s big, unlike the regular mug you see, and I guess the size is just right for my caffeine consumption!).

dOne of the people in the office handed the mug to me and said it was a token of thanks from Irineo Santiago National School of Metro Dadiangas teachers who undergone MS PowerPoint and ProShow trainings at the SHEEP-CLP office last January (whew, I can’t remember the exact date, but I’m sure it’s January). Instructors from SHEEP-CLP conducted the lectures to them. My co-OJTs and I assisted them during that time. And in the teachers’ hands-on exercises, when they had questions or when they find it difficult to do a certain task, we OJTs were always on the rescue. The teachers were so patient with us when we gave instructions and in return we accommodated them and helped them whenever we could.

When I received the mug, I really wanted to cry. I felt that all of my hard work has been paid off. I felt so happy and appreciated. From the bottom of my heart, Teachers, thank you very much! Happy love month ♥!


One thought on “It’s Love Month Again!

  1. simplykricee says:

    Char madam oi. 🙂 Mkaproud. haha! Anyway, just droppin by.. Me too! I received a mug from them. Thanks you teachers!

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