I came. I saw. I BLOG!

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February 6, 2013 by jocillecoronica

Being obliged or forced to do things you do not want but ended up liking it, was the feeling I felt when I created this blog site. Our boss at SHEEP-CLP wanted us OJTs to create our own blog since we had been observing instructors from the office facilitated the Web and Video Blog training. At first, I was very hesitant to do so because I am really not that good when it comes to writing essays/posts such as this. I lack self-confidence. I had lots of ideas in my mind and stories to tell but I am afraid that netizens may laugh at me or haters may bash me online because of my awkward English. Way back when I was in first year college, the time when blogging gained its momentum and became the talk of the town, I created my own blog at blogspot.com. I wasn’t able to post anything in there, I had self doubts for I know from the very beginning my English and grammar was far from average. During my elementary days, my spelling sucks! I can not even spell the words ‘beautiful’, ‘environment’, and ‘tomorrow’ correctly. My father even bought me a book about spelling, but sad to say I lost it (I want to choke myself, I felt so stupid way back then!).


Last year, during our first week in the office, Sir Percy asked us if we do blogging and most of us answered no. Since Web and Video Blog with WordPress is an ongoing training at SHEEP-CLP, the blogging thingy is brought back in the picture again. He reminded us that we have to make one and use it as our online daily log sheet. He also said that he will check our output if he had time. After hearing what he said, I felt the world’s weight on my shoulder. I felt so burdened.

As expected, I created an account because it’s a requirement. When I wrote my first post, I had released all my inhibitions and let go of any hesitations I have inside me. I know I can do blogging, if high schoolers and elementary pupils can do so, then why can’t I? So far, as of this very moment, I am enjoying what I’m doing. I never knew blogging was fun. My neurons and synapses are all working when I compose my write-ups, I just thought it’s a good brain exercise too.


Again, thanks to our boss, Sir Percy, for requiring us to create a blog here at WordPress. His words of wisdom really encouraged me to do this. When he told us that high schoolers and elementary pupils are into blogging too, my determination to blog was elevated. I am neither a linguist nor a grammarian, so who cares if my spelling, grammar, and English is not that good. Well, I gained my confidence back, a little, and promised myself to ignore all the haters out there. Each of us is entitled to his/her own opinion, so I won’t mind what you all say behind my back. As always, haters are going to hate!

PS: Thanks to ‘Ginger It!’, a grammar and spell checker software. Try it, it’s nice. 😀


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