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The things that I want the most are all written/posted here. Some are my obsessions and guilty pleasures. I may not have them now but one thing’s for sure, I’m gonna buy ’em when I earn my own money!


dan-brown-collection-43430First on the list, Dan Brown’s books. You know I go gaga over Dan’s literary works. He’s intelligent and amazing. Since I don’t have enough money to buy one, I just downloaded the PDFs and installed a PDF reader on my mobile phone for me to read them wherever I go. But then I really wanted to have my own collection of his books. I love all the stories he created alongside with its twists and thrills. His upcoming book Inferno will be released on May 14 of this year so I’d better start saving money. My favorite among the favorites is Digital Fortress. Read it for you to experience Dan Brown’s magic!


1348230222_440460160_1-Pictures-of--The-Sims-3-Full-CollectionNext on the list, The Sims 3. I am a kid at heart. I love playing “bahay-bahayan” and dress-up games and The Sims is all about it. Way back when I was in high school I used to play The Sims 1 (with no cheats and I’m so proud!). It’s not just a simple game you know, it teaches you how to budget your money and the most exciting part is designing your own dream house. Right now, I had already installed 1 base game and 11 expansion packs on my lappy but sad to say they were “cracked” which means they are not legit. I wanted to buy the original one (base game + expansion packs) because I want to join the TS3 community. (PS: The photo’s not mine, I just googled it.)


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